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Les Miroirs


Built in 1981 it is one of the first buildings of the third generation. This mid-rise building has 16 floors.
Les Miroirs consists of several buildings which surround a central square. For the cladding curtain wall in athermal glass is used, as well as South African black granite.

Les Miroirs is formed by a complex of eight buildings, connected to each other. The two front buildings are the highest and best known though.
In the past there were plans for a higher version (some 100 metres high). This building was planned then for the area where now the Grande Arche is located. This version is not bad however.

Side view of the high part of the building.

It's a glass building. I like the reflection.

These two buildings form just a part of the entire building, which extends a lot further.

Front view.

In this picture the cladding looks a bit outdated.

The last (early morning) picture shows the location of the building, close to Tour Kvaerner (and Tour Descartes).