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Third generation buildings


In the 1980s buildings had to meet new demands. Individual offices, natural lighting, energy savings, new technologies were being used. Third generation buildings came into being. Design: latemodern, some even postmodern.
Actually there is no typical third generation building. This period is known for its diversity of design. One of the best examples is the SCOR building with it's three "wings".
I think this is the best generation. The most beautiful buildings in La Défense were created. Furthermore, the designs showed the most variety.
For instance, these low to midrise buildings, (from left to right) SCOR, AGF Athena and Les Miroirs.

But also the two beautiful Total Final Elf-buildings (former Tour Total and Tour Elf). And let's not forget one of the most elegant buildings in LD, Tour Descartes.

The table below contains all buildings of 10 floors and more. Office and residential buildings.

name year type floors height
Les Miroirs 1981 office 16 -
Pascal 1983 office 27/18 95m
SCOR 1983 office 15 -
AGF Athena 1984 office 22 100m
Minerve 1984 residential 18 -
Total Fina Elf (Michelet) 1985 office 48 117m
Total Fina Elf (Coupole) 1985 office 34 187m
Atochem 1986 office 12 -
Descartes 1988 office 40 130m
Voltaire 1988 office 23/19 82m
La Grande Arche 1989 office 35 119m

I consider La Grande Arche as the last building of this generation (though I am the first to admit that it is kind of arbitrary). Nevertheless this building is becoming one of Paris' landmarks and therefore it's a nice ending of the third generation.

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